Run your event.

Dashboard manages the logistics of your event, allowing your organizing team to focus on what matters. Dashboard is a highly scalable, highly modular tool, built by the HackHer413 and HackUMass tech teams. It has been used for multiple events at UMass Amherst and has served thousands of participants in it's three year closed development cycle.

  • Manage event registration + waitlists + RSVPs + check-ins, all-in-one.
  • Add hardware items and track item sign-out.
  • Easily match participants with mentors.
  • Configure your event's calendar, accessible via API.
  • And so much more. Take a look at our documentation


Organize your event.

HackerForce is the single source of truth for your event's sponsorship pipeline. Unlike Dashboard, your participants never interact with HackerForce: only your organizing team does. This makes for a powerful CRM tool designed specifically for hackathon sponsorship teams. It blends the convenience of a simple spreadsheet with the power of a pricey and sophisticated software solution such as Salesforce.

  • Manage your sponsorship contacts book.
  • Keep track of outreach attempts and assigned organizers.
  • Share your company and contacts lists across multiple events.
  • Send professional-looking cold emails in a snap, with powerful filters for fine-tune targeting.

Have questions about the HackUMass Platform?

Email platform@hackumass.com and we'll get back to you!