Join the team and make a difference!

As one of the largest student-run hackathons in the entire Northeast, the FuseUMass (HackUMass + HackHer) team is always looking to make a difference in the community. If you've attended either HackHer413 or HackUMass in the past, you'll know that we use our own UMass-student developed software, Dashboard to manage the event and all of the logistics.

Two summers ago we went open-source, and have since grown the community around Dashboard to beyond only UMass. Contributors from around the country have made Github issues for the project, contributed feedback, and reached out to work with the software. Dashboard is built on Rails and Postgres, but you don't need any experience to get started with contributing! Even learning some basic HTML and CSS is enough to begin your open-source experience.

Now, we're looking for more people to join the team this summer and make a difference! Dashboard is developed by the FuseUMass Tech Team, and we've prepared the project to make it super simple and fun to work on for newcomers. If you're interested, just send a message to

The Team