We give students an outpost for their crazy and cool ideas.

HackUMass is one of the premier hackathons in the Northeast. Occurring annually in October of the fall semester, HackUMass provides an opportunities for students to put skills they've learned on their own and in the classroom to work.

In 2013, HackUMass started as an embedded system hackathon with just 100 participants. Over time, it has evolved from a basement gathering to one of the largest and most prominent hackathons in the Northeast. HackUMass VI received 2,200 applications and hosted over 1000 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who joined together to create over 100 hardware and software projects in just 36 hours.


~1,000 hackers

Our hackers come from all around the country and from many diverse backgrounds. Veteran hackers, first-timers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even non-tech majors -- this is who we are. Our goal is to bring together and inspire hackers from every background and provide opportunities like Ladies Storm Hackathons to continue growing in diversity.


Amazing Hardware

At HackUMass, we believe that it's our duty to provide all the tools necessary to create awesome hardware hacks! With Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, circuit components, quadcopters, Oculus Rifts, and more, we have the hardware, you have the ideas, so come bring them to life at HackUMass.


Sponsors and Swag

HackUMass wouldn't happen without the support of our awesome sponsors. From startups to big-name brands, we work with the innovators and the makers. Workshops, tech talks, sweet prizes, swag, mini-competitions, hardware/APIs -- we partner with the best in the industry to make this event come to life.

Want to participate or get involved?


Email team@hackumass.com for sponsorship opportunities